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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Shu Uemura Christmas Collection 2010 with Aya Takano

Cute! Need I say more? 
This is Shu Uemura's Christmas Collection with Aya Takano

I have been getting an obsession on all in one palettes and this tops my list with it's cute packaging and superb Shu Uemura quality

Cleansing oils for the child at heart ^.^

I thought this was a lip gloss but this turned out to be a blush tint

The miniature gallery is a nifty concept, it does justice to the make-up collection; each make up is truly a work of art


  1. Really cute packaging! I thought it was a lipgloss too, good thing I read that it was a blush tint. :P

  2. hi Pammy! It's super cute! ^.^

  3. OHMYGOD !!! the display was so darn cute!
    i wasn't planning on getting the palettes at first, but after seeing your post i thought i'd get the blush tint or the lip duo tint and gloss ^^

    which item are you planning on to get?

    Btw how have you been since graduation? have you started working :)?

  4. So cute!!! The blush tint that looks like lipgloss sounds interesting. Like the look of the palettes the best!

  5. Lol...It remind me of myself on Xmas 2010!! I was so desperate to have all Shu Uemura's Aya Takano Collection after this clip has posted at they website...Lol~ Finally, my sister managed to grab for me from Japan for some of this collection. Haha. I just so love my sister anyway ^o^