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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Eat Fresh!

People living in Downtown would probably know this food place as a household name; Eat Fresh is located at Masangkay just right in front of St. Stephen's High School. It opened it's doors to hungry students when I was in my fourth year high school and now that I have graduated, I still go back to have some good chow time. I must admit I did miss the place! My father's cousins owns the place, here in the Philippines we usually say the term lutong Macau pertaining to 'cheating' but in my case, when I say lutong Macau it means it's really good food. Cantonese people cook the darnest dishes. Hou sek! 

The sad news is that the original food place in Masangkay would be closed down by December-for downtown people who read my blog, don't gasp yet! It's not going bankrupt ^.^ The business is doing good, they're just closing it down because the land lord sold the whole building to another person. Instead, Eat Fresh is moving up to Retiro, Quezon City; in fact, they already opened their 2nd place and the food photos you're seeing right now comes from their 2nd home.

My parents actually got the food for me so I'm not so sure where the exact address is but I've heard it's in Sto. Domingo area and they've put up a new menu. I'll put up an update once I've heard more about the new place.

After the long story, let's get the food review started!

Here's an order of Takoyaki, actually my parents ate half of it so I'm guessing an order would be 10 pieces of Takoyaki balls. What I like about Eat Fresh is that they're trying to get a hold of Hong Kong street food stuffs and one of the best Takoyaki I have tasted is in a walkable distance from Canton Road in Hong Kong I have tasted when I was 10 years old; now I'm 21 years old and I can still vividly remember the food place. I love this because unlike other Takoyaki stalls that have mushroomed all over the city, this has real squid meat in it. I have tasted a lot and they're blah because they only serve you vegetables and batter. Eat Fresh's takoyaki is made of better quality; they even top it off with fish flakes and laced with Japanese mayo. However, I shouldn't be comparing this to the ones I have tasted in Hong Kong because Eat Fresh created their own twist to this popular snack food. 

Taddah! See the red bits? Those are ginger, they're a lot like the ones we see in Yoshinoya. I guess this helps neutralize the fishy smell we get from the squid but I believe ginger also gives the takoyaki an interesting spicy zip with a fresh clean taste. I also like this takoyaki because it sticks together unlike other takoyakis that would break apart and fall off once you take a bite.

For those who are viewing this international especially those in Asia, yes I'm using a fork ^.^ Takoyakis are usually served with a wooden fish ball stick but I opted to use a fork because I usually eat with these utensils instead of chopsticks.

I downed everything with a half cup of orange juice. Again, my parents drank the other half  =p
This is great because Eat Fresh is like a slice of Hong Kong street food; the orange juice is freshly squeezed right in front of you. What fascinates me is that they don't add water or sugar; just pure orange juice so a cup would contain 2-3 oranges. I love love love Hong Kong for their freshly squeezed pure orange juice, you see, it's the norm to order a cup of orange juice mixed with water and sugar. The taste? It tastes fresh sans being extra sweet and the texture is just the way it should be, you could feel the pulpy bits. 

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