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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Forever 21 Keeps It's Promise

Remember several posts ago when I shared my experience on the Forever 21 mishap?
I posted a comment on Nikki's blog and it's very sweet of her to help me forward my concern to Jane Kingsu-Cheng; Forever 21's marketing manager. Jane promptly emailed me and forwarded my contact details to the store manager Vicky Ledesma.

Last saturday my schedule was already reserved for Cinemalaya so I was only able to drop by Megamall yesterday. Spotting Vicky at the store wasn't that hard; I called her up but the signal was choppy so we hung up, seconds later Vicky herself called me up. 

Vicky was very nice so there was no point to attack Forever 21 staff and management, she greeted me, shook my hand and asked how I was before giving me a voucher worth more than I was execting; I only lack around Php57.50 but they gave me a P100 voucher. 

While attending to my needs Vicky was also attending a rather angry customer who lost her receipt and yet she wanted to have her clothes exchanged but she still kept her cool. 

I somehow understand how the front liners feel because I'm also a front liner at the bank but even before I started working I don't really like fighting with staffs; now that I'm working as a front line I now know how it feels to deal with clients and I'm glad I'm not a rude and unreasonable client because it really helps front liners feel happy about the job when they communicate with nice clients; it's always a nice warm feeling in the heart when a client smiles and thanks you for after assisting his/her in any way you can. 

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