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Monday, June 21, 2010

Pond's Flawless White Under-Eye Cream

Aah... One of the underestimated products when you're young, eye creams!
Being young gives us the luxury of neglecting proper skincare and under eye care but when we start seeing the signs of aging on our face, it's harder to bring back those youthful carefree days. 

One of my main concerns is my hereditary dark circles and this is why my mother picked this up and she eventually left on her dresser gathering dust. 

So I snapped it up and tried using it on my own set of peepers and I learned why my mother stopped using it. 

The texture is a light white lightly scented cream

When spread there will be a minimal light diffusing particles on the cream, on the tube it claims that it helps give the illusion of a brighter set of eyes but then again, it is very minimal and you probably won't see it if you have poor eyesight. You really have to look close enough to confirm the light diffusing particles.

Here's how it looks blended on my skin, very minimal light diffusing properties eh?

Of course, this doesn't help minimize fine lines and wrinkles but that's okay, Pond's did not market Flawless White Under-Eye cream as an anti-aging eye cream. Overall this is pretty okay if you have young skin that doesn't need much treatment, this under-eye cream helps keep your under-eyes pretty hydrated which prevents premature aging. ^.^ 


  1. Hmm been wondering for a while it this is effective. Been using Garnier's undereye roll on for about a month already, but I haven't seen any changea (then again, maybe it's because i don't get enough sleep to begin with lol). In any case, I look forward to a post reviewing how effective this actually is after sometime, if you plan to write one. :)

  2. i have dark circles too, tried several "whitening" eye creams like Garnier, Nivea etc but so sad they didnt work =(

  3. @Johna i miss you girl!!! ^.^ hope to see you soon! Haha! Try to sleep earlier, are you working already? Sadly Pond's white under eye cream isn't effective at all =( booboo for panda eyed gals like us...

    @Khymm huwaah! I wonder if there would be a genuine anti dark circles cream out there in the market =(

  4. I tried this eone too, but it's soooo watery. Aren't eye creams supposed to be rich, since they are supposed to create a barrier for your undereyes? And no, I didn't notice if it helped my slight undereye wrinkles, too =(

  5. hi,

    i've been using ponds and tri aktiline eye creams alternately on a daily basis, hoping it will help lighten if not completely eradicate the dark circles in my eyes, but unfortunately, no changes. my friend was right for saying eye creams won't help at all, sadly, the money spent on buying eye creams are just put to waste.

  6. sorry to hear that =( but I've heard tri aktiline is a powerful eye cream!

  7. Its clearly share what is possible effect of that product.