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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Jill Stuart Pure Lasting Make-Up Base

After several weeks of using Jill Stuart Pure Lasting Make-up Base, it is about time to make a good review for this primer. ^.^

Like most Jill Stuart products, their primer also carries Jill Stuart's signature floral scent which is pretty tolerable on my skin and olfactory senses because the scent is very light on this one. 

The bottle looks disappointingly small but when I used this almost everyday, I realized it's more than enough because the texture is very light and yet it spreads on my skin easily. The small bottle can carry 25ml of primer which is enough ^.^ 

I love the "J" logo <3

Here's how Jill Stuart Pure Lasting Make-up Base looks like uncapped.
It just puzzles me why it's not a pump tube, it's a bit hard to squeeze or pinch the bottle but thank goodness the formula is light and watery enough that's easy to ooze out. 

It has a light pink tint that seemingly disappears when spread out but it gives you a natural glowing overall look.
As for oil control, I think Jill Stuart Pure Lasting Make-up Base is more effective than MAC blot powder, it keeps me oil free from 6am to 12nn ^.^ 
Nevertheless, I still like to use the two in tandem to keep my oil at bay.

As for primer to primer comparison, Pure Lasting Make-up Base wins on the oil control round if compared with the Day Care Essence. With Day Care Essence I oil up after 2-3 hours but that's not a surprise since Day Care Essence is under the skincare category but Jill Stuart SAs often tell their customers Day Care Essence can also be used as a primer. 

Here's the list of ingredients ^.^ 


  1. I really like this review :) Glad the primer works well!

  2. i too luv the "J" logo emblem like XD
    ahh such promising line from JillStuart indeed..
    i always tot fragrance skincare/cosmetic would breakout on me..

    however i'm JillStuart & Guerlain friendly *phew

    such a pretty potion!

  3. @Rainy Days and Lattes thanks so much! ^.^ I hope this review helps! <3

    @stellarvixen haha! true =p but I think this primer has a simpler packaging unlike others but this is a really good product in my opinion... Haha! True =p I'm also glad we're Jill Stuart friendly, I have yet to find out if I'm Guerlain friendly!