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Friday, April 16, 2010

Singapore Anna Sui and Benefit Price List Help!

Hi gals! I'm trying to scour the net for Anna Sui and Benefit Singapore price list but I can't seem to find much info on the:
Anna Sui Protective Fluid Foundation L
I found out that the Moisture Liquid Foundation costs SG$61
Then I checked Anna Sui Japan's website if there's any price difference between Moisture Foundie and the Protective Fluid Foundie and there's none- both are priced the same in Yen.
I'm assuming the Protective Fluid Foundation costs SG$61

Although, I found out that:
Anna Sui Face Color Accent costs SG$41

Anna Sui Lip Rouge Dazzle lippies costs SG$40

Benefit CORALista costs SG$52

I'm just not sure if I have the correct or updated price list but if you'd know the correct or updated one you can help by sharing the info with me and the rest who are also scouring for Singapore price lists ^.^ 

Thank you very much! <3


  1. do they have counters? try to call them ;)

  2. @Chelle, if the Coralista is cheaper here I'll get it for you na...i think its $28, i guess... have to re-check...

  3. @Jennifer they have counters in Singapore, I'll try to call 'em

    @Shirley no need, I'll get it in Singapore, matagal pa pag galing US...