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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What Came in the Mail Today

Usually I'm giddy to receive parcels from make up sellers but today is different, I was quite excited to get my diploma ^.^

Aah... Here it is! I've coughed out a lot of blood for this piece of paper. Is it worth it? Hmm... In some ways it is if I'm going to look beyond this piece of paper and remember the life lessons De La Salle University-Manila taught me. Yes of course the university is excellent in teaching knowledge but it's undeniable I have learned a great deal of wisdom also. 

What I like about DLSU is that they always spell my surname correctly and they're neutral about it. Very adult and professional-like of them. 
Unlike the Philippine government offices such as the Quezon City Hall where they give me weird looks and smirks when they see my surname as if I can't spell my surname correctly. 

I wasn't really expecting to get it today because I was advised to receive it on March but they delivered it pretty early.

Along with my diploma is a souvenir edition of my transcript but I also requested a transcript for employment purposes several weeks ago.

The weird thing is, I've marched on my graduation day, I've received my diploma and all but it still hasn't sunk in that I actually graduated. It's as if I'm just on a long summer break.


  1. congrats Chelle! =) hehehehe - carla

  2. thank you ate Carla!!! ^.^ I just remembered, belated happy birthday!!! =)

  3. Thank you Jamilla! ^.^ Indeed it takes a lot of hard work to get a diploma...

  4. congrats on getting ur certificate ^.^