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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Urban Decay Eye Shadow in Ecstasy

Whew! I'm taking a break from Jill Stuart madness and just be mesmerized with Urban Decay eye shadows once again.

Ecstasy would be my favorite eye shadow from the Book of Shadows Volume 2. 

Here's why:
Urban Decay Eye shadow Ecstasy swatch

Urban Decay describes Ecstasy as bright purple with slight pink tint and it's in the Duotone family.

I love the subtle glowing violet hue whether I use it with the foiling method or none at all.
Unlike Perversion and Gunmetal, Ecstasy works fine sans the foiling method; there's just a teeny tiny bit of difference in the hue vibrancy department as you can see on the swatches. 

I prefer using this with Urban Decay Primer Potion though ^.^ 

Staying power is long as long as you don't deliberately rub your eyes of course.
Truth be told there is a minimum amount of glitters in this eye shadow but it's almost non-existent and it will fall out after a while so yey for non-glitter lovers out there! ^.^ 
Just make sure to apply your eye shadow first before applying your foundie so when the glitters fall out the foundation would help cover it up or even get rid of it. 

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