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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Kirat Eye went Un-Kirat?

Will this double eyelid be permanent?

Today was a weird day for my lovely kirat left eye (Kirat is a Filipino term for uneven eyelid/double double eyelid fold/palsied eyelid others may call it). I'm currently having rib and chest pain as if I am a clubhouse sandwich impaled with a toothpick; I can't breathe properly (or easily) because it will just give me more rib and chest pain. I can't move a lot. I also can't sleep well because every movement; breathing and coughing I do gives me piercing pain that wakes me so I am very exhausted for the past two days, thus the reason I haven't washed my brushes for more than a week. As you can see on the photo my dark circles are in full force and eye bags are fattening up; nerves are popping out and I look very tired.

This morning the only clean eye shadow brush I have was the biggest one so I opted to work with that instead of using the dirty brushes. When I was packing some color on my left eye trying to work the big eye shadow brush on my small lids, my double double eyelid fold acted weird; I developed one big fold across my entire eyelid and one partial eyelid fold in the middle of my eyelid (on top of the first fold). I started to panic, oh no what happened to my eyelid fold?! Later the partial eyelid fold disappeared- perhaps it adapted to my new eyelid fold.

Is it possible to change the eyelid fold over the years? It's weird, in a way I am happy I'm gonna have just one double eyelid and not double eyelid folds on top of each other; it's gonna make eye lining and eyeshadow application easier for me... Maybe I have accidentally discovered the solution to uneven eyelid fold problems? Haha!

Somehow I am missing my double double eyelid fold after a day without it; it doesn't feel like 'me' without my kirat left eye...

I had this experience before once when I was around 10 years old also but it returned back to my normal kirat eye the next day... I'll check if this time it would go back to normal or this would be permanent...

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