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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mac Eyeshadow in Amber Lights

I actually bought this unplanned, haha, I was looking for Mac in Goldmine but turns out it's a limited edition in this very beautiful country of ours so I was given Amber lights instead. There was another one but it turned out chalky and less pigmented as opposed to this hue.

The color is quite bronze-y on my fair skin tone and it would look orange-y if you put too much. But this is quite good as a neutral color for everyday use as long as you pat on a light gold/shimmery color on top and blend so the brightness would tame down. But if you're brave and you want to wear it as it is, I do appreciate that it makes my eyes brighter and less tired; it gives a pop of neurtal color to your eyes without using loud colors.

I like the texture of the eyeshadow but what I don't like is that there are some fall outs even when I put on Urban Decay Primer Potion first so I have to dust glitters away. This is not a glitter bomb but it just have the right amount of shimmer. Since I use just a teeny bit of this almost everyday I don't think I'll finish it all up. And yes I'm still looking for a nice gold eyeshadow but I think I'll get it when I get my hands on Urban Decay Book of Shadows Volume 2.

I would love and appreciate the product more if the Mac Glorietta customer service was nice and not like you even owe them when you buy there; in Filipino, utang na loob mo pa bumili sakanila. With the jacked up prices I hope they would train their MAs or SAs to be nice to customers, being the flagship store of Mac in the Philippines doesn't give them any license to be haughty, they don't even own Mac. I'm not saying all Mac stores are like that, just the Glorietta branch. I hope the newest free standing store in Rockwell is not like that. Only in the Philippines I experienced where MAs or SAs of high end brands would judge you by the way you look or dress, Mac is not even a high end brand. In Hongkong while roaming around Lane Crawford or other high end stores they won't judge you by the way you dress up or they won't have the guessing game if you have the means to buy or not.

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