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Monday, February 10, 2014

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in Queen

Since my favorite lipstick YSL Rouge Volupte in Rose Paris was *gasp* discontinued, I've tried searching for a lip color that's pretty near that beautiful pink coral color. 

I chanced upon Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar and thought that I should give it a try. I got the Queen first, it is described as a  neon red coral shade. It looks so gorgeous on a lot of bloggers who have reviewed it!  

Unlike the previous OCC lip tars I've seen with the applicator tip, this comes in a thin narrow tube opening. The instruction is that you need to use the lip brush that comes with the lip tar, place a small bead of lip tar on the brush and apply it on your lips. Be careful with the amount though! A little goes a long way as this packs a punch. 

Here is a swatch of the OCC lip tar in Queen, I just placed a small bead on my arm, spread it around and it's still quite a lot of pigment staining my fingers like crazy lol. The color is a beautifully bright red coral shade that looks accurate on most reviews. I usually wear this with light eye make up just to keep things balanced because this comes out really strong on my face. 

The brush that comes with the lip tar has superb quality. Most of the time, brushes that are included in make up sets are just meh or so so but this one's great. It's a tiny brush but the bristles are firm and soft. Perfect for painting your lips with the lip tar. 

OCC lip tar in Queen doesn't come super close to YSL Rouge Volupte in Rose Paris, but I am very very happy with my purchase because a little goes a long way, it saves me a lot of money by not reapplying the lipstick over and over again throughout the day, the color pay off is just as powerful as YSL at a fraction of a price. I'm waiting for my OCC Lip tar in Trollop to arrive, I'm crossing my fingers it will come close to Rose Paris. If not, I can just mix Queen and Trollop to get the shade I want! 

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